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Flughafentaxis.com providing services under the Following terms and conditions, terms of reference and the price lists. Differing terms and conditions do not apply, even if not Expressly contradicted flughafentaxis.com them. Deviations from synthesis conditions require the express written approval of flughafentaxis.com. A contract is Only When it is confirmed by flughafentaxis.com.

The scope of services are deterministic mined Exclusively on the written confirmation of flughafentaxis.com or secondarily by the written offer from flughafentaxis.com. In brochures, service catalogs, price lists and similar information contained in only to the extent are authentic, shall be taken as Expressly this respect. The transport is Carried out under the provisions of the Highway Code and the PbefG. The passengers have to comply with instructions from flughafentaxis.com or the chauffeur. Guests action against the instructions, or They represent a threat to the Highway Code, or road safety by impairments of the chauffeur, is flughafentaxis.com Entitled to refuse carriage. airport taxis in this case Calculated.

Pick up at the airport (airport transfer)
Any change to the Agreed pick-up time, for whatever reason, to communicate flughafentaxis.com immediately. Damage due to inconsistent immediate notification shall be borne by the customer. The driver of flughafentaxis.com is related to the Agreed collection time at each meeting point of the airport terminal, or the written Previously Agreed meeting point, with a name tag or company logo ready (earlier or later commission must be specified in the reservation) , and waits up to 45 minutes without a separate calculation. A telephone number where the passenger can reach his chauffeur is given in the letter of confirmation.If after the 45 minute wait no contact with the passenger or the customer have come about, the driver Enters the return trip to Vienna without passenger. The performance of flughafentaxis.com is Considered to be rendered and the full fare is due for payment. Other Desired by the customer waiting times are Calculated gemäß to the current price list.

The prices include VAT at the statutory rate. Valid on the day of booking confirmation rates apply. Package prices in the price list are not listed can be agreed only in writing and only apply to the Agreed date of travel and the rental period. Any additional times and distances are Calculated gemäß to the current price list. Additional costs due to delays shall be borne by the customer, unless the delays due to the fault of flughafentaxis.com or the chauffeur. The fare includes the transport of persons with luggage normal; the taking along bulky goods requires a separate agreement.

payment terms
flughafentaxis.com it reserves the right to charge a deposit of up to 50% of the total price before starting the journey or to demand before accepting an order on a flughafentaxis.com issued blank burden occupied a valid credit card.¬†Balance payments are due within the specified time limits on the invoice for payment.¬†For the Rechtszeitigkeit of payment, it depends on the receipt of the amount to unconditional disposal of flughafentaxis.com.¬†When paying by check, the claimsoft is only after final completion credited as paid.¬†Payments will always be used to settle the oldest claimsoft.¬†If the customer is in arrears, Calculated flughafentaxis.com – subject to the assertion of Further default damage – interest at the rate of 5 percentage points above the base rate.For the second and any Further reminders are ‚ā¨ 10, – small fine.¬†The customer has the right to prove a lower damage.

Cancellations and cancellation
Cancellations are only valid if made in writing or confirmed in writing to oral declaration of flughafentaxis.com. For the Rechtszeitigkeit written cancellations, it depends on access at flughafentaxis.com. Cancellations up to 24 hours before the contractually Agreed commencement of the journey will be charged. Charged for cancellations flughafentaxis.com a share of the drive base price as compensation. This proportion is:

* 50% in case of cancellation to 12 hours 
* 80% for cancellations to 3 hours before the start of the Agreed service fulfillment 
* 100% at later canceled or WHEN NOT starting the journey.

Expenses Calculated flughafentaxis.com Regardless of the timeliness of cancellations, if They are already incurred. The customer is Expressly permitted to prove did flughafentaxis.com no or a lower damage. flughafentaxis.com reserves the right to withdraw all or part of the contract if the customer suspends payment, Becomes insolvent or is likely due to external circumstances did the services are being abused, or the customer incumbent upon it by synthesis Conditions duty injured.

Obligations and liability of the customer
, the customer shares flughafentaxis.com immediately of any change of name, (billing) address, legal form and his bench. Likewise, the customer is obliged to Provide The Necessary information to passengers, time and place of service , If the customer immediate notification, he is liable for damages did could have been avoided with timely notification. The customer Agrees, so on behalf of the passengers, not to misuse the power of flughafentaxis.com, love especially

* Oderzu hinder not to disturb the performance of the service 
* cause any damage 
* not to violate criminal law 
* the smoking ban in the vehicle strictly-observed 
* not refuse to accept the fare.

If you think a customer against the aforementioned obligations, is flughafentaxis.com Entitled to take all Necessary measures to eliminate the abuse. In case of culpable violation of the customer against flughafentaxis.com liable for damages.

Liability of flughafentaxis.com
flughafentaxis.com liable to the customer for damages – on whatever legal grounds – only if intent or gross negligence or culpable violation of contractual obligations by flughafentaxis.com, his legal Representatives or agents.¬†Liability for injury to life, limb or health is governed by the statutory provisions.¬†For property damage liability of flughafentaxis.com is limited to ‚ā¨ 1,000.00 per passenger.¬†For vehicles, there is a liability injury after the applicable General Conditions.¬†For any additional insurance, the customer has to take care itself.¬†flughafentaxis.com not liable for appointment failings and Their Consequences if economic thesis are not the fault of flughafentaxis.com.¬†This includes, for Example,

* Traffic jams, road closures 
* vehicle break downs or accidents 
* bad weather

For damage caused by faulty transfers of data by the customer flughafentaxis.com √ľbernimmt no liability to the customer or passenger.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
Applies only Austrian law Applies to all legal relationships between flughafentaxis.com and its customers. Jurisdiction and place of performance is Vienna.

Sever Ability

 Should one or more of the above conditions be invalid, the remaining terms of the ineffectiveness remain unaffected. take the legal requirements in place of ineffective clauses.

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